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In Asakusa, the atmosphere of old Edo lingers in the air, like the scent of a beautiful stranger who passed you by. From the excitement and hustle-bustle of Nakamise-dori market street to the quiet charm of Imado Shrine and its sea of lucky cat statues, a stroll through Asakusa can feel like stepping into a picture book. Ride a rickshaw, take a guided tour, or simply close your eyes and follow your senses into Tokyo’s rich history.

In 2016, Japan received 24 million visitors from around the world. Of those, eight million — a full third — stopped in Taito ward in Tokyo. What were they doing there? Without a doubt, most of them came to spend time in Asakusa, the cultural and historical nexus of the vibrant Shitamachi area. More than a mere sightseeing spot, Asakusa is both a cosy neighbourhood and a living museum: the story of Tokyo’s past, narrated in the voice of the present. Come and listen to this story with us.

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Eternal Sensoji

Undoubtedly, Sensoji temple is the hub of Asakusa, with the giant red lantern of the Kaminarimon gate as the district’s beating heart. The enormous inner gate, called the Treasure House Gate, dominates the approach to the temple, yet the nearby five-storey pagoda defines the skyline in photos taken from the expansive temple grounds.

Yet the most impressive thing about Sensoji is its history. The ornate main hall you can visit today evolved from a thatched-roof home in a small fishing village nearly 1400 years ago, centuries before the city of Edo (now Tokyo) suddenly sprang up around it. Learn the full story of Sensoji from one of our knowledgeable guides, and be enriched by the details that the crowds miss.

Some travellers collect souvenirs, others collect experiences. Visitors to Asakusa can do both! Feast on grilled eel dipped in rich secret sauce, or eat like a samurai and try a hearty dish of grated yam. Try fresh melon bread, or watch a smiling vendor prepare sweet ningyo-yaki (doll cakes) before your eyes.

Rent a kimono and shop like it’s 1799. Wander the side streets and charming boutique shops in search of the perfect gift, or head straight for Nakamise-dori and its folding fans, paper lanterns, yukata and matching tabi socks, personalised chopsticks, hand-crafted wooden toys, and everything quintessentially Japanese — even samurai swords!

Eating, shopping, museums, parks, shrines, souvenirs and secrets — make use of our helpful guides and find what you’re looking for in Asakusa.


Make the most of your time in Tokyo. Whether you want a deeper connection to Japan or just a pleasant day out, take advantage of the welcoming hospitality and thorough knowledge of Shitamachi t Pro’s trained guides.

We are currently offering scheduled tours in the Asakusa area. (The maximum group size is six people, so our guides can provide each guest with personal treatment.) If you’d like to enjoy a customised tour for yourself or a private group, please contact us directly to make arrangements.

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