Asakusa Tour

Sensoji and Rokku

Daytime walking tour, 3.5 hours

1400 years of history (with snack breaks)

Floating happily on a sea of history, the township of Asakusa is both a pleasant stroll and a requisite Tokyo experience. Here's the perfect tour for people who want to get the most out of it. Pretty as it is, so much of what makes Asakusa special and memorable is hidden behind the tattered curtain of the past.


We've got 1400 years of history to cover, but don't worry — our scheduled tours are limited to 6 guests, so you won't miss a thing!

This is going to be fun.

The famous Kaminarimon gate, leading to Sensoji temple.

From up here you can see the whole neighbourhood.

Part One: Sensoji

After our meet-and-greet, we'll first get to know Sensoji temple, Tokyo's essential sightseeing spot, but we'll be sight-touching, tasting and learning too!


Founded in the 7th century, Sensoji is Tokyo's oldest temple and one of the most visited religious sites in the world. Its location in the centre of Asakusa — where many aspects of the Japan of yesteryear still remain — also places it at the centre of Tokyo's long history.


Starting at the iconic Kaminarimon gate with its giant red lantern, and traversing the bustling market street of Nakamise-dori, we'll head into and around the expansive grounds of Sensoji temple, uncovering its history and secrets along the way.

All the while, we'll participate in the temple- and shrine-visiting rituals that Japanese people know. You'll have fun drawing a paper fortune. We'll even take a detour into the quiet back streets to pick up some freshly-made 'melon pan' sweet bread, and enjoy it in the shade on the temple grounds.


A decorative stone pagoda overlooks

the small garden near the main hall

Part Two: Asakusa Rokku

After the magnificence of Sensoji, we'll escape into the Rokku area: Asakusa's traditional entertainment district, always bustling yet rarely busy. Walk through the Meiji period into the present day (with stops along the way for more Japanese sweet snacks).


Once a district of endless novelty — movies, comedians and exotic animals — Rokku passed through its glory days to become a quaint neighbourhood of handicrafts and nostalgia. Through vivid descriptions of its complex, colourful history, you'll even see sights that aren't there to see anymore!

Packed with cosy bars, eateries, and snack stands, as well as boutique shops for traditionally crafted goods of all kinds — how about a horse hair toothbrush? — the narrow, winding and wandering streets of Rokku will lead you through a true Shitamachi experience.


Here's a scene you're bound to see. Visitors to Asakusa

love to wear kimono and ride around in a rickshaw.

...Want this experience for yourself?

Contact us about a private tour!

We'll organise kimono rental and rickshaw hire for you.


You'll be accompanied for the duration of the tour by your friendly and knowledgeable guide.


You'll receive charming, illustrated maps of Sensoji and Rokku to help you remember and share your experience, as well as illustrated booklets with extra information about the areas, so you can continue to explore even after the tour is finished. These printed items are created by Shitamachi t Pro and offered exclusively to our guests.

In the temple grounds, we'll give you a coin so you can enjoy drawing a paper fortune.

And of course, there'll be Japanese sweet snacks! We'll make a few stops to rest our legs, and your guide will buy you a snack each time. These could include melon pan (highly recommended), ice cream (yes, there'll be green tea flavour), ningyo-yaki or hanami dango — but it's your choice.


Melon pan, in the traditional style,

fresh from Asakusa's oldest melon pan bakery


This is a walking tour, so please choose appropriate footwear.


For the same reason, you might like to bring a bottle of water. However, there will be vending machines along the way, as they are ubiquitous in Japan. Anything purchased from a vending machine would be at your own expense.

If you have any special requirements — e.g. dietary, accessibility — please let us know in advance and we will do everything possible to accommodate you. We can discuss things in as much detail as you need.


Strolling through a picturebook

arcade between Sensoji and Rokku

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