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Of course you wrote down the meeting point for your tour, but you're not sure where it is. Hopefully this page will help!

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Asakusa station (Ginza line) exit 4
Meeting Point - 1:​
Asakusa subway station (Ginza line) exit 4


For tours in the Asakusa district. This is the station exit closest to Azumabashi (Azuma Bridge).


If you're travelling on the Ginza line, simply follow the signs to exit 4. When you come up the stairs to street level, you will see a red bridge (Azumabashi) crossing the Sumida River in front of you, with the Tokyo Skytree and gold-coloured Asahi Beer buildings dominating the skyline.

If you're coming to the meeting point on foot, look for a Japanese-style structure — red with a green roof. If you face Azumabashi, exit 4 will be on your right.

Ticket gates inside the station
Follow the signs to exit 4
When you come up the stairs, you'll see this.
Meeting Point - 2:
Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center


For tours in the Asakusa district. This distinctive building is just across the street from Kaminarimon, the famous 'Thunder Gate' with its giant red lantern. If you're coming from Asakusa subway station, take exit 2, and walk about 30 metres west — meaning left, if you're facing the road. The Information Center is on the corner.

Please note: You will meet your guide OUTSIDE the building.

Photo: Kakidai (via Wikimedia Commons)

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