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Deep tours of Shitamachi with certified guides

Our services

We specialise in narrow and deep guided tours of Tokyo’s Shitamachi area, where every sight is a story. Fill your time in Tokyo with memorable experiences and a rich understanding of your surroundings that you can share with others — something more than mere snapshots. We’d like the places you visit with us to linger in your heart and mind.


Currently we offer scheduled walking tours that anyone can join, but we also provide private tours for individuals or groups, with a customised itinerary based on your tastes and interests. Please contact us directly to make arrangements. Our guiding services cover all of Tokyo (and beyond), and we are licensed to arrange accommodation in central Tokyo's east side, specifically Taito, Sumida, Chuo, Chiyoda, Bunkyo and Adachi wards.


We limit our scheduled tours to a maximum of six people, so our guides can provide proper hospitality to each guest.


Our guides

Most of our guides are Japan National Tourism Organisation licensed tour guide-interpreters, guaranteeing a minimum standard of English ability and general knowledge of Japan. Beyond that, however, all our guides have also passed Shitamachi t Pro’s in-house certification, ensuring they not only possess in-depth knowledge of the areas we cover, but also can communicate in an engaging, interesting way, and with friendliness, hospitality, and sensitivity.

At Shitamachi t Pro, we don’t have our guides follow pre-written scripts. Instead, we encourage them to make an honest and personal connection with their guests. Our guides come from various backgrounds and have different personalities, but what they all have in common is that they are eager to meet you and give you a warm-hearted and comfortable introduction to Japan.

Our company

Shitamachi t Pro was incorporated and opened on the corner of Kappabashi kitchen town in October 2017. We are supported by the ‘Entrepreneurship of Women, Youths and Seniors’ program sponsored by the Tokyo municipal government and Taito ward.


Company name

株式会社下町ップロ / Shitamachi t Pro Co., Ltd.


Yoko Kanno


5F Matsugaya 213 bldg., 

1-1-1 Matsugaya, Taito-ku

Tokyo 111-0036


TEL +81-3-5830-6790  

FAX +81-3-5830-6791


July 31, 2017

Main banks

Johoku Shinkin, Mizuho Bank


The five-storey pagoda at Sensoji temple, Asakusa, in the heart of Shitamachi

The iconic Tokyo Skytree during cherry blossom season, seen from the west bank of Sumida River in Sumida Park, Asakusa

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